Friends of OneOhio

Friends of OneOhio supports spending Ohio’s $1 billion opioid settlement wisely and with guidance from people harmed by opioids. 

Friends of OneOhio believes:

  • People harmed by opioids should have significant representation on OneOhio ‘s state, regional and local boards.
  • Settlement spending should emphasize reducing overdose death and helping individuals and families hurt by opioids.
  • Settlement spending should not be used to stigmatize or criminalize people.
  • OneOhio should treat people touched by opioids as equals, with love and respect.
  • OneOhio should follow open meeting and public records law to ensure honesty and transparency.


Friends of OneOhio

Have a voice in how Ohio’s opioid settlement is used.

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Friends of OneOhio

Friends of OneOhio

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Allowed Spending of Opioid Settlement Money

Allowed Spending of Opioid Settlement Money

This eight-page document lists what Ohio governments can spend opioid settlement funds paid from legal settlements with wholesales distributors and opioid manufacturers. OHIO ABATEMENT STRATEGIES Opioid-Related Definition:Funds from any settlement dollars should be...

Opioid Settlement Funds to Local Governments

Opioid Settlement Funds to Local Governments

More than 2,000 local governments in Ohio will receive opioid settlement money. This document estimates, by percentage, how the opioid settlement’s local share (30% of the total amount) will be divided.

Who We Are,Why We Are

Ohio will receive more than $1 billion from lawsuits against companies ithat made and distributed prescription opioids. The “OneOhio” settlement agreement details how the money can be spent.

Friends of OneOhio is the voice of the impacted population, i.e., people actually harmed by opioids. We’re an Ohio-wide volunteer advocacy organization.  We want to make sure the   impacted population is directly involved in spending decisions  and money is used effectively, not politically, to reduce overdose death and help individuals and families who’ve suffered from opioids

State and local governments are now planning how to spend this $1 billion and who will control the money. So far, the impacted population has been excluded, ignored and, to be blunt, treated like dirt at the state, regional and local levels.

Friends of OneOhio seeks to change that.

We will insist that our expertise be used, our needs be considered and our involvement be welcomed.  After all, this money is not tax money. It is compensation for our suffering — 35,000 people who died, tens of thousands of children orphaned, etc.  

Nothing about us without us. 

Harm Reduction Ohio and others active in overdose prevention helped launch Friends of OneOhio to create a positive, informed way for the impacted population to be heard and stay informed of what’s happening with the compensation paid for the deaths of our loved ones and the suffering of so many Ohioans.